The Windsor Street Montessori School campus, located in a beautiful setting between the Lions-Stephen’s Neighborhood Park and the Stephens College Stable Pastures, is within walking distance of Stephens Lake and with-in minutes from downtown and the University of Missouri allowing students easy access to the best sources of enrichment the community has to offer.  A newly renovated Elementary building houses a Lower Elementary classroom for students ages 6-9 and Upper Elementary classroom for students ages 9-12.  An Early Education classroom for ages 2.5 to 6 years is housed in a separate building.

The two buildings share a 1/2 acre play area designed to promote physical education as well as an appreciation for and an understanding of the natural world. Our playground is designed to be a “naturescape” incorporating as many natural materials as possible, including hills, grassy areas, water, and rocks incorporating tree trunks and branches as natural climbing structures.


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